Theme: Allah has the solution of all my problems

Juz 20

Surah Naml: ayah 59 onwards,;, Qasas, ANkabut till Ayah44

Ayah 59 of Surah 19 ….

Tawheed ke proofs in the next 4 ayahs

Ayah 62, 64:

Ayah 70: who mocks the deen, how to hamnle

Ayah 82: dabb batul earth near DOj


Mother of Musa as and her role

Childhood and youth

Ayah 16: for self development, acceting our mistake. Look at the aatitude of Musa as

Ayah 20-24: 2 Duas of MUsa as

when in migration

In the end Qarun: pride and its end result

He was a hafiz of Torah

Hidayat Allah e KAth mai hai

Surah Ankzbut: false gods

web of shaitan


Ayah 2 : motivational

Ayah 6: who ever struggles for