Ayah 76 of Surah Yunus:

Healing is with Quran: Azkaar, read lots of Quran, Duaa, repel bad forces


Ayah 87:

make your homes ..places of worship if you are persecuted; but dont leave the Ibadah

Ayah 92: still a sign for us


Ayah 93:

Pride makes infighting easy

Ayah 97;

The eyes will see what the mind wants

Ayah 98: Story of Yunus as

Allah heard his dua

The Nation was worried that our Messenger has left us.

So their messenger ws sent back to them and the punishment was recalled.


Ayah 99:

Ayah 104:

Answer to the non believers

Ayah 107:

If Allah makes you feel a pain then no one can get rid of it



Ayah 3:

benefits of  seeking  Forgiveness

Story of Hasan Basri: who always said either Alhamdullillah or astghfirullah


Review of 2nd part of Juz 11 by Sr Nabila:

What is Allah swt trying to tell us in surah Yunus

Usually People look at the Speaker instead of the Speech/Message

So the bias turns them away from the Message

But who looks beyond the superficialities, get the message

Ayah 7,8:

Who dont trust that they will meet Allah, their punishment is fire: this is not about the Disbelievers but of those people who dont look forward to the Meeting with Allah

Dunya is temporary, its beauty is fleeting

Dunya is deceiving

furnitures, big houses

Remember that Jannat is very Wasee

We engrosse in it but when difficulyty come , then we

Dunya will benefit us when we keep our focus on Akhirah: Begin with end in mind.

What Amaal will benefit me?

Amal with eimaan , for the sake of Allah

To remmeber this what should we do

We should get happy at what?

TA the blessing of Quran…ayah 57

Quran is Mauizaa, Shifaa/healing