Juz 12:

Surah Hud

Main theme is the Importance of Istaghfaar

When we repent we show humility, we find peace at once

Hadees: one sahabi asked the Prophet to give a piece of advise. Rasool saw said   ‘when you make a mistake, seek istaghfaar right away’


tawbah and istaghfaar opens up doors for us.

H.W: whereever there is a Verse of ISTAGHFAAR, what is the benefit?

Ayat 9: rahmat ke baad mahrrom karte hai becoz of nashukri

Nashukri: not love Allah, not be grateful for His favors, not do zikr of His Favors

Life is good and bad; its how we deal with it matters.

Whatever your Intention, you will achieve.

If we keep akhirah in mind , we wont be in ghaflah and not fall into error


10%…..= destiny, fate

90%…= is how you handle it





Duaa between two sajdahs

‘allah huma maghfirli’


Ayah 23: