A scholar’s explanation in “Story of Adam”



story of Adam is in Surah Baqarah and Surah Araaf:

This lec is based on Surah Baqarah.

Story of Adam begins in Jannah. HEAVEN OR EARTH:

Before Adam as was even created, he was supposed to be on earth all along. According to the ayat: Allah was going to create a KHALIFAAA for the Earth.

Everything on earth was made for us. This is not a curse or the fault of Adam as.

We were meant to be here.

A story: There is a man at accompany and his boss emails the entire staff that he is being transferred to mississipi.

Allah created Adam as. He always planned to send him to earth.

Shaitan comes along and tells him ‘ from what i know :you were created for earth, but you can become permanent residence or either become angels by eating from that Forbidden Tree.’

But Adam as did not go to Allah and ask Allah, ‘ but You always wanted me to go to earth, you even told everyone,’

Adam as was given a position  higher than the angels.

Adam disobeyed and was demoted, he could have asked a logical question ‘ you already planned this’

Whether things makes sense t o me or not, i have to take personal responsibility

On the other hand IBLEES comes back and blames Allah ‘saying you made me do it’.

Question is about : Personal Responsibility

Adam : I wronged myself

Iblees: You made me slip

Khalifaa means

  1. Successor/  incharge [ someone who succeeds to the position; who was passed on the responsibility]
  2. Someone left to their own devices [substitute- who has the freedom to do whatever he wants for that time period]
  3. Stewardship { to take reponsibility but not to own it; so not Ownership}

Tasbeeh: is said when you hear something blasphemous

Tasbeeh is when you declare the perfection ; even if you dont understand

When you hear anything less perfect about Allah , you say Suban Allah!

even if we understand or not, we still say SubhanAllah; Allah is Perfect, Mercy of Allah is Perfect; Justice is Perfect

Nuqaddisu: we declare Purity for you ; purity = goodness; mercy, justice is part of Goodness.

You are way too pure that we can insiuate that you are putting someone who will corrupt the earth.

  • Asking questions to Allah is not disobedience..Angels asked Allah
  • But being in the limits and realizing that ultimately you might not understand the wisdom

Angels asked a question with TAQdees, and TASbeeh.

Shaitan questioned Allah’s judement

BUT the Difference is angels attributed Purity to Allah

So asking with an ATTITUDE … wrong attitude is a quality of ibles